baby blossom - helping mothers bloom
Welcome to baby blossom!
It is my joy to serve you during this amazing and
sometimes overwhelming journey to motherhood.
I believe women are divinely created to birth babies.
Birth is not an emergency or an illness, it is a normal, natural and healthy process that a mother can embrace and believe in.
What is a doula?
The word 'doula' comes from the ancient Greek language meaning 'a woman who serves'. 
As a birth doula, I commit to provide continuous emotional
support, physical comfort measures and educational resources for the parents to make informed decisions about their birth choices.
During pregnancy, I assist the mother with discovering her concerns and preferences about childbirth and can suggest holistic and natural remedies to minor pregnancy discomforts.
My job is to help a woman and her partner achieve the birth they desire and to support the couple's wishes and goals. I don't make decisions for my clients or expect them to give birth in any particular way -- I give my clients the information they need to make good birth choices and I support their decisions.
The partner is the most important support person at a woman's birth, and my job is to help the partner be comfortably involved in the support process.
'Birth is not only about
making babies.
Birth is about making mothers ~ strong, competent, capable mothers
who trust themselves
and know their inner strength.'   
Barbara Katz Rothman
As a Birth Labor Doula:
I provide emotional and physical support
I provide evidence-based information
I encourage informed consent
I facilitate open communication with the birth team
I do not make decisions for my clients
I do not give medical advice
I do not perform clinical procedures or assessments
I have a confidentiality agreement to protect client privacy
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